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Technology and The Trucking Industry



The trucking industry has evolved significantly. The old days trucks becoming lost or having downtime due to the high number of trucking accidents is reducing.

Truck Accident on Freeway Due to Software IndustryOver the last few decades, distributors and manufacturers in America have increasingly embraced just-in-time distribution and manufacturing methods to ensurethat their inventories remain lean. As a result, American trucking firms are fast evolving into “warehouses-on-wheels”. In response to changes, the industry is taking up, and using, new technologies that were unimaginable some years back to ensure that transportation of goods is as useful as possible.

One thing that is facilitating this shift in power from sellers to buyers is the dynamics of e-commerce. The shift to E-commerce is what logistics experts call demand-chain economics. As the internet continues to evolve, the buyer is now having more power to dictate things and is fast becoming the king of the procuring process.

With this realization, trucking companies are now embracing technologies to streamline their services to ensure customers are satisfied with the solutions they are getting. And this is having a great impact on the whole industry. Here is a look at how trucking technology software is affecting the industry.

Supply Chain Management

With the current changes putting a lot of emphasis on the integration of the supply chain, technology software is helping carriers to have a stronger integral and visual presence. As such, this is allowing such companies to meet all of their customers’ demands fast and efficiently. The use of such software as these, and with the power the internet is providing, carriersare now able to link with their customers more effectively. As a result, they are now able to manage their supply chain flows better, allowing them to cut down on costs by lowering the number of unnecessary inventories.

Customer Service

With an increased emphasis put on improving the management of the supply chain, it is now becoming critical for trucking companies to provide excellent customer service. The use of technology in the trucking industry has considerably improved the delivery of services. Because such technology could lead to a reduction in costs or improvement in services, making it easier for such companies to improve how they relate to clients, thus making it easier to improve the services they provide.

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Fleet Management

To ensure that supply chain management is efficient and effective, it is important that any trucking company runs smoothly. When it comes to trucking economics, the idea is maximizing on the larger miles while minimizing empty miles. And this is easier said than done. If a carrier is not able to have its drivers where it needs them, when it needs them, then it probably will not be able to coordinate properly how goods flow from one point to the other. It is in such environments that quantitative decision models/programs, which understand and can evaluate scheduling decisions, will come in handy. Fleet management software are now making it easy for trucking companies to manage their fleet. Most of such software use an algorithm system based on demand forecasting models, fleet-management models and driver scheduling models to answer a simple question – which company truck should take a particular load?

Fleet Tracking

Knowing where drivers are at all times is essential for any company. Successfully coordinating its supply chain with its scheduling ensures trustworthiness. Most trucking companies are today using/putting tracking technologies and software on their trucks and fleets to track, locate and communicate with its drivers wherever they are. As most of such technologies are tracked by satellite, getting to find out where trucks are at, where they stop, their fuel consumption and such has now become easier. As a result, managing fleets and expenditure has now become easier, allowing trucking companies to cut down on costs; making it easier for them to save more.


The use of technology has considerably transformed the trucking industry. But as this technology continues to evolve, we are set to see even more changes that will make things simpler and more efficient for trucking companies.

It makes sense to always consult professionals when reviewing laws and rights for truck drivers and industries. Please consult with any qualified professional in your area.








Create Your Startup Easily


So, you’ve decided to create your own business, but you’re quite afraid about what this whole process means. Well, you shouldn’t be too scared, because it’s just a process that has some steps that you have to follow.

The hard part will come after the startup is created, as you will have to work for your business to be successful, and sometimes this means a lot more work that you are used to at your current job.

Here are the things that you’ll have to do when you create your business.

The Idea

This is the thing that you should start with, because without an idea, you won’t have anything to do. Choose something that you’re good at, because this means that you will also have the needed passion to complete all your tasks.

You could actually do almost anything, but the most perfect business idea is the one that you know how to do best. For example, if you like flowers and you know a lot of things about them, you could open a flower shop; if you know how to cut hair and you’re trained as a hair stylist, you could open a beauty salon, and so on.

The Budget

Once you know what you can do, it’s time to think about the money. You could use your own savings, or you could take a credit/loan from a bank or a financial company. Some businesses require less money than others, but you should have an idea about what you want to do.

A short analysis or a discussion with someone who works already in that area should tell you what the startup costs are. Once you know all these, you can go to the bank and see how much money you can loan from them.

The Location

Choosing a location for your business is essential, especially if you can’t run your business from the comfort of your home. When you think of a location, make sure it has an open market – meaning that it needs to be in a place where people can easily reach you, but it should also have the things that you need. For a store you will need shelves, for a beauty salon you will need special chairs, mirrors and others, while for a flower shop you will need an entire set of different devices.

Apart from this, you also need to have available the money for covering the costs of the rent for at least a few months, until your business starts producing income.

The Business Plan

It’s ideal to have a business plan before you start your business. This will be useful for finding a possible investor, but you will also need it for getting the loan from the bank or from other financial institution.

Make sure that the plan covers every important aspect of the business, from the name to the estimated time until the business will start producing income / profit.

The Team

It’s also important to hire the perfect team for your business. When you do the selection process, don’t just hire the firs people that show up at your door. Make sure they are qualified for completing the job, but make also sure that they share your passion.

It’s important to work with someone who loves what they’re doing – in many businesses, passion can be the main ingredient for its success.

The Lawyer

It’s good if you could hire a business lawyer, to help you get it started but also to help you in the future. Each business has its own characteristics, and the legal part is very important. A specialized lawyer can help you know what licenses you need, how to properly create the business plan, how to make a contract with vendors or other third parties and so on.